18/05/2018 7o Συνέδριο Διακαθετηριακής Θεραπείας Καρδιακών Βαλβιδοπαθειών | G.Pattakos | Will the Heart Team Survive the modern era of minimalist TAVR?



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09:00-10:30 TAVR club I: Advanced training lectures and clinical controversies
Πρόεδροι: S.Foussas,N.Ioannou,S.Konstantinidis,E.Pissimisis,A.Trikas
09:00-09:15 Predilatation and postdilation during TAVR. Risks involved and when it should be considered mandatory
09:15-09:30 Emergent TAVR in AS patients with intractable heart failure or cardiogenic shock: Feasibility, selection process and clinical trials evidence
09:30-09:45 TAVR in patients with end-stage CKD or οn renal replacement therapy: Special considerations and prevention of early valve failure
09:45-10:00 How Do I Manage These Challenging Case Scenarios? Horizontal aorta, excessive calcium in the annulus and LVOT, sizing in the Gray Zone, borderline femoral access
10:00-10:15 Management of stable and unstable Coronary Disease in AS patients: Timing of PCI with TAVR, when to consider CABG, and completeness of revascularization
10:15-10:30 Will the Heart Team Survive the modern era of minimalist TAVR?

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